Hey LSI,

The LSI F1 Season 10 and F1.5 Season 8 Championships are here! We can’t wait to get started with the new season, as we continue progress with the development of LSI. This season we will be continuing to focus on creating more content and progressing with all our media accounts! Join us on our journey and register to race now!

Registration Form:

Certain drivers that completed throughout LSI in the last official season will be invited to compete in the LSI F1 World Championship, however, the rest will be decided through a qualification event. The qualification event will be hosted very soon, where drivers will be able to come along and set lap times in a series of practice sessions at a track that will be released at a later date. The F1.5 Championships will also have to face the qualifying events; however, the selection process may be harsher.


Below you can find the provisional calendar dates for the next season, and the track order will be decided based on the track votes by all the drivers, so make sure you follow the link below to have your say and vote for your desired tracks. This calendar may change, but we will be sure to inform you soon (we will be adding 3x sprint races, and the tracks that they will be held at will be announced along with the full calendar)!
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Vote For Your Favourite Tracks Here:


Some rule and regulation changes may happen before the next season, along with some other minor changes, but we will update you properly when we have the full details.
Last season was statistically our most successful season, but get ready to double that! Thank you very much for all the support, and let’s keep pushing!

Useful Links:
New Season Registration Form: (this is the same link as above)
New Season Track Vote: (this is the same link as above)
LSI Links:

If you have any questions, let us know, but other than that, good luck and let’s race!