New Rule Book Update

The LSI Rule Book and Handbook 3.1 has now been updated going into the LSI S8 and S6 Bahrain GP Round 4 and the below changes have been made. If you have a question about anything mentioned in this document, please ask us!

General Amendments and Corrections

Various changes have been made to the rule book such as grammatical errors or insignificant changes.

LSI Regulation Changes

Section 14, Penalty System, has been updated meaning that from now on when a driver does not finish a race, but is penalised for causing a collision, any time penalty that would have been awarded to their final race time will be converted into Penalty Points instead. Grid penalties have also been added for the future, however, we will not be using these yet until we are certain that grid penalties should be used in LSI.

Racing and Competition Rule Changes

A section has been added on the usage of DRS, meaning that section 10 is now the “Drag Reduction System [DRS]” section, and also sections below have been moved down, for example, section 10, Incidents and Penalties has now become section 11. Drivers will now be penalised if they excessively slow down to gain DRS off of another car behind them.