Rule Book 3.1

The LSI Rule Book and Handbook 3.1 has now been released and the below changes have been made. If you have a question about anything mentioned in this document, please ask us!

General Amendments and Corrections

Various changes have been made to the rule book such as grammatical errors or insignificant changes.

LSI Regulation Changes

Section 12, Reporting, has been updated meaning that from now on when a report is made, drivers must give their evidence, or any extra evidence through the report forms given. Once a final decision is made by Race Control, it can be appealed by any other driver within 24 hours and the report will be re-investigated. After this, the decision is final and the incident cannot be appealed a second time.

Section 13, the Penalty System, has been updated to change the sanction that is awarded to a driver upon reaching 15 Penalty Points within 16 races. If a driver achieves 15 Penalty Points within 16, they will be awarded a race ban, along with having to take a driver test provided by LSI where they will be assessed on their knowledge of racing. The second part is not a punishment as such, but instead a way of us helping drivers improve to make their own racing more enjoyable and as well as respecting the other drivers around them.

Section 14, the Licence System, has been updated to be clearer for drivers to understand and to allow more flexibility for special circumstances, such as driver transfers, whilst not being overly flexible to ensure fairness.

Section 15, the Session Settings, have been updated where the LSI F1 World Championship does not allow the use of the automatic gear assist from now on, meaning all drivers must use manual gears to compete (we believe it is now an unnecessary assist for the drivers of this tier). In addition, for all tiers, the weather settings have changed. We will now be using “approximate” real time weather as opposed to the current “perfect” real time weather, meaning that there is still a chance of uncertainty during a race, meaning drivers will have to learn to adapt. It should also be made aware that the weather forecast spreadsheet has been updated, and we will now be using Google to determine the weather forecast for our races.

Racing and Competition Rule Changes

The whole rule book has been made clearer by adding predicted penalties at the bottom of each rule that can be violated in red writing. It should be known that these are predicted penalties and are used as a guide, where some may be standard penalties, however, if Race Control deem the penalty awarded for a violation should be increased or reduced, they may do so. Therefore, be aware of this, as when a driver violates a rule, do not expect to get a specific penalty at all times. Drivers may interpret the rule book in a way that benefits them, however, Race Control will interpret then rule book to make each penalty as fair as possible to everyone. Every incident is unique, so some penalties awarded may change accordingly and Race Control’s decision is final. If a driver is not happy with this decision, they should not have violated the rule in the first place, and we will not change our decision if a driver threatens to leave the league, etc. (If a driver is willing to use bribery or threats to change the outcome of a decision made by Race Control, they are not welcome in LSI).